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Making Your Old Home Smarter Before You Sell

by Glenda Daughety & Team

How smart is your old home? That's a good question, especially if you plan to sell your home. Modern buyers want conveniences and to know they home they're buying is up-to-date. 

Smart devices aren't just cool toys. Smart devices add both convenience and security to your home. No matter if you're selling your home or plan to stay, upgrading to smart technology makes sense. And if you do plan on selling, it will add value. Just like cosmetic upgrades can raise the value of a home, technological upgrades can do the same, if done properly. And the good news is that these upgrades are easy and inexpensive.

Here are 3 upgrades that will make your old home smarter.

Smart Thermostats

Your thermostats say a lot about your home. They are easily visible, and easily dated. When you add a smart thermostat, it shows that you care about the functionality of your home and how much you care about it. Those old dated thermostats scream "old" and are usually an eyesore. Plus it's hard to maintain precise control over the environment with them.

A smart thermostat indicates that the HVAC is up to date as well, which can make a difference in the sale. Smart thermostats also include energy saving features that can save on energy bills, which is attractive to buyers. You can also control them with a smart phone, which is increasingly becoming a desired feature. And for those concerned about the environment, smart thermostats help HVAC efficiency.

Another great reason to add smart thermostats is that they are easily seen on the walls.  Potential buyers will notice that you've taught this old house a new trick and that it's not stuck in the past.

Smart Lighting

You don't have to be smart to screw in a light bulb, and that's all it takes to install smart lighting. Just adding a few smart light bulbs in select areas can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. They give you endless options for selecting colors and brightness, along with a variety of fixtures. Each room can have it's own unique atmosphere.

For showings, you can create smart programs for the lights to change scenes instantly with the push of a button.  And you can use mart lighting in porch lights that are set to turn on at specific times.  The possibilities are plentiful.

Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way. Gone are the days of yearly contracts and tons of wiring. With WI-Fi cameras and batter powered products, adding security to a home is much easier and affordable.

If you don't feel like installing your own sensors or cameras, some cable companies such as Comcast offer smart security packages along with professional installation. These systems offer the option of multiple cameras and 24/7 recording, all controlled from your smart device or on their website. Adding cameras, either with a service or simply tied to your smart device, can add convenience as well as security, as you can monitor areas of your home, including the front door.

You don't have to break the bank to make your home a smart home. If you do plan to sell your home, it can be worth the investment.  If you don't plan to sell your home, it can make your life more convenient and safe.  Either way, smarter is better.

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Why Millennials Prefer to Work With a Local Agent

by Glenda Daughety & Team

“Location, Location, Location!”  We’ve all hear that mantra, especially if you’ve entered the real estate market.  It means basically one thing – it matters where a home is located.  You can have two identical houses, but they could vary in value dramatically depending on where they are. That’s why is should be no surprise that home buyers and sellers are choosing local agents who know the local market. And surprisingly, it’s the millennial generation who is doing this, despite their proficiency with technology.

A financial wellness company named CentSai surveyed over 2000 millennials.  They found that a surprisingly high number of those surveyed, 75%, would use a local agent over an online agent.  And a further 71% said they would also use a local lender.

Survey respondents cited many reasons for their choice to go local, “including personal touch & handholding, longstanding relationships, local knowledge, and amount of hassle.”

Doria Lavagnino, Cofounder & President of CentSai had this to say:

“We were surprised to learn that online providers are not yet as big a disruptor in this sector as we first thought, despite purported cost savings. We found that millennials place a high value on the personal touch and knowledge of a local agent. Buying a home for the first time is daunting, and working with a local agent—particularly an agent referred by a parent or friend—could provide peace of mind.”

This lines up with a study performed by Consumer Housing Trends, which found that millennials prefer a more personal approach when dealing with real estate. Millennials rely on agents to advise them and become strategic partners.

Of course, technology still plays a massive role in the process.  But in the end, millennials want someone they can trust, who knows the neighborhood and can guide them along the way.

Real Estate Scam Hits Baton Rouge Area

by Glenda Daughety

Baton Rouge area real estate agent - Glenda DaughetySome people who listed their Baton Rouge real estate and homes for sale recently on an online classified advertising site, such as Craigslist or HotPads, found themselves victimized by unscrupulous con artists.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are diabolically selfish people in the world who will do just about anything to get money, regardless of who they might hurt, run over or destroy to get it.

It’s not just that these people do not care about how the repercussions of their actions are going to affect their victims. In fact, they are absolutely counting on many people to have a trusting or even naive nature.

A perfect example of this type of greedy mindset recently reared its ugly head for some homeowners in Baton Rouge, including the President of the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors, Linda Gaspard.

These scammers have figured out how to gain access to ads and add their own text to them. Many of these contained a sentence in them that said something akin to, "I have decided to rent it out due to our transfer to West Africa for missionary work."

Safety in Anonymity

There are countless ways in which the relatively fast growth, expansion and innovation in communication technology has enriched our lives. So much so that most of us who are less than 40 years old probably cannot imagine what life must have been like before smart phones, personal computers and the Internet.

Because we entrust so much of the financial interworking and logistics of our daily lives to the cold, impersonal abyss of cyberspace and most of the time everything works out just fine, we can easily overlook some of the warning signs of scams that in hindsight appear to be glaringly obvious.

Some of the most common red flags to look for include:

  • Terribly poor grammar
  • Grossly overpriced property
  • Grossly under priced property
  • Any request for you to wire a monetary deposit

For most of us, the idea that we might be getting scammed doesn’t enter into our minds unless the same type of con has been run on us before or we begin noticing that things just don’t feel right.

So remember, do not give personal information to anyone over the Web unless you have absolute trust in the person or company to whom you are giving it. And, if you think you are being victimized by an online scam, your best recourse is to contact your local police or sheriff’s office.

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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