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Have a Happy Easter in Baton Rouge

by Glenda Daughety & Team

As we come up to the Easter weekend, here's a few ways to spend the weekend as you celebrate the holiday in Baton Rouge.

Easter Bunny visits Sky Zone

Saturday, March 31st

Come to Sky Zone Baton Rouge for your Easter Bunny pictures this Saturday. The Easter Bunny will visit during Toddler Time, so make sure to get your tickets online now to reserve your spot. Bring your camera or phone to capture all your amazing memories with the bunny and on the trampoline. More Info

East Baton Rouge Parish Library Main Branch 

Saturday, March 31st at 2:30pm.

Join us for a reading of Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro and make pom-pom bunnies and chicks. Registration is required and limited to 8 children. More Info

Bass Pro of Denham Springs Easter Bunny Photos

Commemorate the season with a photo of your little one with the Easter Bunny. You can even schedule your visit ahead of time online! Prices vary by package selected. More Info

Mall of Louisiana Easter Bunny Photos

March 31st

Commemorate the season with a photo of your little one with the Easter Bunny. Prices vary by package selected. More Info

Have a Happy Easter and Passover!


5 Gardening Tips For Spring

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Now that Spring has arrived in Baton Rouge, it's time to get your tools out of the shed and get your garden back in shape. How can you get the most from your garden this spring in Baton Rouge? Here's a few tips to help you get started.

Cleaning Time

First you need to get rid of all the debris and weeds that built up during the winter. Make sure to get the roots of weeds so they don't grow back as fast.  And you might want to sharpen your garden tools if needed, since you'll be getting a lot of use out of them.


Your soil could be dried and compacted during the winter, so you need to add moisture. You can help the soil by adding organic material such as compost or manure. You can also test the soil to see what exact nutrients are needed so that you get the right mix.

Trim the Old Plants

You need to think about plants that survived during the winter, as they will need to be pruned so that they'll have new growth during the Spring. The best time to do this is in April or May to avoid any unexpected freezing. The best time to prune summer plants is in early spring. 

Spread Mulch

Spreading 1 - 3 inches of mulch helps control the temperature and keep in the moisture in your garden, along with preventing weeds. Make sure you keep the mulch a few inches from the roots to prevent rotting.

New Plants

Why not explore planting new flowers and shrubs this year? Here's some great spring plants you might try:

  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • Vegetables like lettuce, peas and arugula
  • Redbuds
  • Transplanting tomato plants from indoor pots to outside
  • Lilacs
  • Tulips

If you chose to plant more perennials than annuals, it might help over the years as annuals need to be replaced every year. Perennials can last up to 3 years, making them a better investment.

Join us on our blog every week for more real estate advice and follow us on Facebook for the latest Baton Rouge real estate news.

What To Consider When Choosing A Home To Retire in Baton Rouge

by Glenda Daughety & Team

What to consider when choosing a home to retire in Baton RougeAre you thinking about retiring in Baton Rouge? As more baby boomers enter retirement age, they're starting to think about whether or not buying a home to retire in is a good idea. There's fewer available homes for sale these days, so it's a good idea to analyze if now is the time to buy a home to retire in in Baton Rouge.

According to the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA), there are 7 factors that you should consider when choosing your retirement home.

1. Affordability

“It may be easy enough to purchase your home today but think long-term about your monthly costs. Account for property taxes, insurance, HOA fees, utilities – all the things that will be due whether or not you have a mortgage on the property.

Which would be more affordable - living in an area with HOA fees, or paying for your own labor for home and lawn work? Will your taxes be lower in Baton Rouge? What is your monthly income or savings going to be like in retirement?

2. Equity

“If you have equity in your current home, you may be able to apply it to the purchase of your next home. Maintaining a healthy amount of home equity gives you a source of emergency funds to tap, via a home equity loan or reverse mortgage.”

You may have enough equity in your current home to purchase your home for retirement in Baton Rouge with little to no mortgage. Homeowners across the nation gained an average of over $14,000 in equity last year.

3. Maintenance

“As we age, our tolerance for cleaning gutters, raking leaves and shoveling snow can go right out the window. A condominium with low-maintenance needs can be a literal lifesaver, if your health or physical abilities decline.”

Again the question is whether you want an HOA to handle maintenance or hire your own people.

4. Security

“Elderly homeowners can be targets for scams or break-ins. Living in a home with security features, such as a manned gate house, resident-only access and a security system can bring peace of mind.”

Is where you're living now offer the security you need as you grow older?

5. Pets

“Renting won’t do if the dog can’t come too! The companionship of pets can provide emotional and physical benefits.”

Don't forget your pets now or in the future. If you rent, do they allow pets or charge fees? Will you need a home with a fenced yard?

6. Mobility

“No one wants to picture themselves in a wheelchair or a walker, but the home layout must be able to accommodate limited mobility.”

You may be healthy now, but that could change as you age (of course we hope not). Will the home you're buying be able to adapt to your needs? Does it have multiple floors that have stairs that will need adapting? Can handrails be installed in the future?

7. Convenience

“Is the new home close to the golf course, or to shopping and dining? Do you have amenities within easy walking distance? This can add to home value!”

Will you be close to your family? How close will you be to the things that you want to do?

When it comes to finding your home to spend the rest of your days in, evaluating your current house for its ability to adapt with you as you age can be the first step to guaranteeing your comfort in retirement. If you do decide to move to Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas, call us at 225-205-2672 to let us help you find the ideal home for your needs. You can also search homes for sale in Baton Rouge with our powerful home search tool. And make sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date Baton Rouge real estate news.​

Get Mad About March in Baton Rouge

by Glenda Daughety & Team

March is here, and Spring is just around the corner. It's time to celebrate the new season and warmer weather with fun events hosted by BRECSo if you plan on buying a home in Baton Rouge, or moving here soon, get ready to enjoy the Spring events in Baton Rouge that make this a special place to buy a home.

Here's some of the events you can look forward to in March.

Little Picassos: Highland
Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Highland Road Community Park
Ages: 5-8
Cost: $10 per week/ $30 for all four weeks

Introduce your young artists in the family to the world of art using paint, oil pastels, watercolor and collage techniques. All materials included.

Rockin' at the Swamp
Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM​
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
Children 2-17: $4
Children Under 2: No Fee
Adults: $5 
Pass members: $2

Explore the world of rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils. You can purchase rocks and learn to identify different types of rocks and minerals.

Adult Leisure Bunny Hop: Womack
Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Milton J. Womack Park
Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Anna T. Jordan Community Park
Ages: 55+

Why do the kids get all the fun at Easter? The young at hearts can break free from the traditions and enjoy recreational activities, games and an egg hunt.

Dog Day at the Swamp
Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
Cost: General Admission Applies; free for pass holders

Don't leave your canine friends out of the fun. BSNC will be dropping it's "no pets" policy for the day to let them enjoy the trails with you. All pets are welcome, but must be leashed and vaccinated.

Have fun this March in Baton Rouge as we welcome the Spring season.  Check back each week on our blog for more great information about Baton Rouge and real estate.  And make sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date Baton Rouge real estate news.

11 Steps to Buying Your First Home

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Are you thinking about buying your first home in Baton Rouge or the surrounding communities? This is an important time in your life for sure.  You're about to commit a major amount of time and money to this endeavor.  Do you know all the steps involved? How do you get to the point where you're holding the keys to your first new home? You need to know the steps along the journey and what tools are available.  You also need to forge relationships with experts who can help you along the way.

Here are the 11 steps to living the dream of owning your first home in Baton Rouge.

11 Spets to Buying a New Home in Baton Rouge

  1. Do Your Homework
    With any major purchase, you need to count the cost, so you can imagine how important that is when buying a home. There are important things to look at like price, housing type, neighborhood, school districts, and more. Here's a worksheet that you can use to decide what you're really looking for. Fill it out with your partner (if you're not single) and your agent.  That way everyone is one the same page - literally.
  2. Start Shopping
    Now that you know what you're looking for, start looking for listings online.  You can search homes for sale in Baton Rouge with our powerful home search tool.
  3. Find a Great Agent
    We're ready to help you find the perfect first home and help you through the process. 
  4. Choose a Lender
    We can help you find the right lender. This is an important step as your lender will be working closely with you throughout the process
  5. Pick a Loan
    Your lender will work with you to determine the right mortgage to fit your financial needs.  You'll need to provide proof of income, employment, and other details.
  6. Look at Homes
    Let the fun begin! Your agent will now help you find homes that fit your budget and the needs you determined in step 1.
  7. Make an Offer
    When you find the ideal home in Baton Rouge, you'll then make an offer.  Your agent will help you decide how much you want to pay, along with contingencies that both parties can agree on.
  8. Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate
    Now comes the time where you work out the deal.  This may be an emotional time, especially if you find a home that really meets your needs. Some sellers may just accepts your offer, but some may make a counter-offer.  Your agent will work with you to decide what to do.
  9. Inspect the Home
    After the offer is accepted, you'll sing a contract that will no doubt include a home inspection contingency.  Then you'll hire a licensed home inspector to look for any major repairs that are needed. If major repairs are needed, then the seller will be asked to make those repairs.
  10. Appraisal
    Your lender needs to determine if the home is worth enough to cover the mortgage.
  11. Close the Deal
    The deal is almost done! You just need to sign the final paperwork to finish it all up.  Then it's time to show off your new home to all your family and friends!

Glenda Daughety and her team have been helping people buy their first home in Baton Rouge for years. They can help you through all of these steps to guide you to owning your first home. You can contact us at 225-205-2672. Your first home is only a few steps away.

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