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Would a Recession Spark a Housing Crisis?

by Glenda Daughety & Team

This country has been experiencing economic growth for almost a decade.  But as most economists and analysts know, a recession can't be far away after so much growth. Zillow Research recently reported on a Pulsenomics survey that asked economists and market analysts how they felt about the housing market.  The report also shed light on the possible timing of the next recession.

Experts largely expect the next recession to begin in 2020.”

That timing agrees with a recent survey of economists by the Wall Street Journal:

“The economic expansion that began in mid-2009 and already ranks as the second-longest in American history most likely will end in 2020 as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to cool off an overheating economy, according to forecasters surveyed.”

But a recession does not necessarily mean there's going to be a housing crisis.

Here's how the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a recession:

“A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.”

A recession is a slowing down of the economy. But it doesn't mean that we're going through a housing crisis. For a certainty, the housing crash of 2008 was the cause of the last recession. But notice that the recession did not cause the housing crisis. In fact, during the previous five recessions home values appreciated.

According to the experts surveyed by Pulsenomics, the top three probable triggers for the next recession are:

  • Monetary policy
  • Trade policy
  • A stock market correction

A housing market correction was ranked ninth in probability. Those same experts also projected that home values would continue to appreciate in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.  

Others agree that housing will not be impacted like it was a decade ago.

Mark Fleming, First American’s Chief Economistexplained:

“If a recession is to occur, it is unlikely to be caused by housing-related activity, and therefore the housing sector should be one of the leading sources to come out of the recession.”

And U.S. News and World Report agreed:

“Fortunately – and hopefully – the history of recessions and current issues that could harm the economy don’t lead many to believe the housing market crash will repeat itself in an upcoming decline.”

To sum it up, a recession may be in our future, but it doesn't mean that there will be a housing crisis.

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Are You Ready to Own a Second Home?

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Have you thought about buying a 2nd home or vacation home? Owning a 2nd home is certainly the dream of many Americans.  Not only does owning a second home provide a strong investment opportunity, but  it’s a great way to plan for your retirement years. Also, since finance rates are now at their lowest in years, now is an ideal time to buy a 2nd home.

Why should you think about buying a 2nd home or vacation home? Answering this question will help you see where your priorities are.

You Can Afford It

Most people who buy a 2nd home are middle aged, at least in their 40s and are making more money by that time in their life.  Many 2nd home buyers have children that have moved out, or perhaps they’re getting ready to find a home to have to vacation in or retire to.  These people don’t have as strong of a reason to stay in one place.  Also, by the time most people get to that age, they’re making a higher income and have more in savings.

A Good Investment

If you’re also thinking that a second home will be a good investment, you’re on the right track. Owning a 2nd home can be a good investment, but like any investment, there can be risks. The location of a home is important, as some areas grow differently and can affect property values for better or worse. Make sure you find a home in an area that shows growth.

Comfortable Retirement

Are you getting ready to retire? Since most people buy a 2nd home in the latter half of their lives, they are planning for retirement or at least thinking about retiring by that age. Owning a second home give you the opportunity to change where you live during the seasons.

Let’s say you want to retire to a community with a beautiful lake front and sunny skies. Why not search for a home in the area you want to retire? Even if you’re not ready to retire yet, you’ll have a second home when you do reach that point, and it will have increased in value.

Tax Benefits

Who doesn’t love a great tax break? When you own a 2nd home, you can write off your property taxes on your federal returns. And it doesn’t matter if it’s an investment, rental, or for your own use. You can also deduct interest, insurance, and depreciation against your home’s value.

Buying a second home may not be for everyone. But if it’s something you can do, take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages before you make the big move.

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Good Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Everyone loves a well landscaped home. Landscaping is such an important part of your property’s value that it can actually raise your home value by up to 11%, sometimes even more.  Better yet is that even though landscaping has such a big impact on your home’s value, it’s one of the easiest home improvements you can make. Here’s a few tips to help you make your landscaping a valuable asset for your home.

Match the Style of Your Home

If you want to get the most return on your investment, your landscaping should fit the style of your home. You wouldn’t, for example, put in a Japanese garden if you have a Victorian style home. For this style of home, a cottage style or country landscape would work best, as it fits in with the formality of the home.  On the other hand, modern style homes benefit from landscaping that has greenery and natural looking beds that blend in with the contours of your property. For these homes, formal landscaping would definitely be out of place.

Have a Plan

Any great landscape needs designing. Make sure you have a balance between planting too many high maintenance plants and just plain grass with no landscaping. Aim for a foundation planting with a few points of interest. Your landscaping should be diverse, but not too much. In other words, don’t go buying a bunch of different types of plants.  You should aim for a uniform look that has just enough variety to make your landscaping interesting.

Seasons Change

Plan for your landscaping to look good in all seasons. In Spring you may want blooming bulbs, in summer annual beds, in fall shrubs with bright leaves, and in winter you might want evergreens. Buyers will see that the landscape will be attractive all year, further increasing its value.


Some may feel that trees are a liability in a landscape design. But that’s not the case.  According to one study, homes on streets lined with trees had a 10 – 15 percent higher sale price compared to similar neighborhoods with fewer trees. Trees have many advantages beyond removing carbon dioxide and pollution from the air.  They also keep your home cooler and relieve stress.


A lawn will look even better when it’s edged. An edged lawn gives the appearance of being easy to maintain since there’s fewer weeks. It’s also a great first impression for buyers, as it shows that you take meticulous care of your lawn and property.

You can add value to your home by focusing on your landscaping, as long as you have a plan and keep it from getting too complex.

Has the Luxury Home Market Been Affected by the Tax Reform?

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Some have worried that the new tax code would hurt the luxury home market. This fear was based on the fact that the new tax code limits the deduction of state and local property taxes, as well as income or sales taxes, to a total of $10,000. This created some concern that this would have a negative impact on luxury home sales.

According to Capital Economics:

“The impact on expensive homes could be detrimental, with a limit on the MID raising taxes for those that itemize.”

Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics brings out this important point:

“The impact on house prices is much greater for higher-priced homes, especially in parts of the country where incomes are higher and there are thus a disproportionate number of itemizers, and where homeowners have big mortgages and property tax bills.”

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) predicted price declines in “high cost, higher tax areas” because of the tax changes.

What has actually happened?

Let’s consider some metrics before we conclude that the luxury market is declining:

1. NAR’s latest Existing Home Sales Report shows the percent change in sales from last year:

  • Homes sales between $500,000 – $750,000 are up 11.9%
  • Homes sales between $750,000 – $1M are up 16.8%
  • Homes sales over $1,000,000 are up 26.7%

2. Trulia reported  that searches for “premium” homes increased from 38.4% in the fourth quarter of 2017 to 41.4% in the first quarter of 2018.

3. Bloomberg also had this to say in a recent article:

“Median home values nationally rose 8 percent in March compared with a year earlier, while neighborhoods of San Francisco and San Jose, California, have increased more than 25 percent.

Prices in affluent areas in Delaware and New York, such as the Hamptons, also surged more than 20 percent.”

Zillow’s Senior Economist, Aaron Terrazas, summed up real estate’s luxury market this way:

“We are seeing the opposite of what was expected. We have certainly not seen the doomsday predictions play out.”

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Tips to Get Your Family to Clean the Closets

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Closet organization is not necessarily everyone’s favorite chore. If you have children, it’s no doubt even more daunting. It’s no surprise that closets get messy though. Most of us have busy lives, and it’s hard to stay on top of something such as organizing closets. What are some ways you can motivate your family to help you get your closets back in shape?

Your family may not be too thrilled at the prospect of cleaning the closets. But there are a few tips that can help bring everyone together on this project.

Talk About It

Let your family know what you want to accomplish before you start, and get some ideas from them as well. If the whole family can agree on what needs to be done, they’ll feel more involved. In other words, don’t just announce that it’s time to clean all the closets. Make sure you let your children know there will be a reward in it for them according to how much they accomplish.


What do you want to accomplish when you clean out your closets? Do you just want them to look cleaner, or do you want more detailed organization? Laying out what you want to accomplish will be a big help. Are there any clothes you don’t wear? Are there items that have just piled up over the years? Set realistic goals to clean out unwanted items, and then organize what’s left.  Setting realistic goals will help to avoid disappointment.


Everyone loves rewards.  Take regular breaks, and reward your family with things that you know they love. Do they have a favorite food or activity? You know what your family loves to eat or do, so try to make that happen for them when they reach a goal. Making the experience fun and rewarding will go a long way to making your goals a reality.

Unwanted Items

No doubt you will come across things you don’t want or need any more. Set  them aside to donate or sell. Donating useful items to charities such as Goodwill is a great way to teach your children to give. Or you can also try some consignment shops to make some fast cash.

Organizing your closets can actually be a rewarding experience for the whole family. It teaches your kids cooperation and organizational skills.  And it can be a fun time if you plan ahead.

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Celebrate Our Freedom This Independance Day in Baton Rouge

by Glenda Daughety & Team

The 4th of July is almost here! Now is the time to plan how you’re going to celebrate our nation’s independence in Baton Rouge.  And if you’ve lived in Baton Rouge for any length of time, you already know that our 4th of July celebrations are some of the best on the country.  So get ready to have fun and celebrate freedom with these events coming up on July 4.


What could be better than fireworks over the Mississippi River? This Baton Rouge tradition brings thousands of people each year to witness the spectacular display.  You can bring a chair or blanket and watch from the water front.  Or you can watch from the many attractions and venues along the waterfront that are hosting viewing events, such as the USS Kidd.

Kenilworth Neighborhood| July 3, 2018 | 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Join the community of Kenilworth for their Annual Independence Day Parade.  The pageantry is enjoyed by thousands of spectators, who are showered with beads, trinkets, and candy by the parade participants. The parade route runs along Kenilworth Parkway, and includes a range of civic groups, bands, and veterans groups.

LSU Museum of Art-Shaw Center for the Arts | July 4, 2018 | 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Join the LSU Museum of Art-Shaw Center for the Arts as you watch the annual fireworks on the Mississippi from atop the Shaw Center for the Arts' Pennington Rooftop Terrace. You’ll also enjoy food from Capital City Grill and music from Premier Sound Services. $45 for nonmembers, $35 for members, $30 for children 6–12, free for children 5 and under.

USS Kidd Veterans Memorial and Museum | July 4, 2018 | 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

For over two decades, the ISS Kidd has been hosting this family events to celebrate our independence. And what better place to celebrate than on this historic ship, restored to her original configuration from WWII.

Don’t miss these memorable Baton Rouge 4th of July celebrations pass you by this year!

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When Should a Buyer Ask the Seller to Pay Thier Closing Costs?

by Glenda Daughety & Team

Why would a buyer ever need to ask the seller to pay for their closing costs? It’s actually a useful strategy, both for the buyer and the seller.  How? If you’re a first time home buyer, it can help you afford buying a home and take care of moving costs.  As a seller, it also has advantages, as it can help sell the home faster.

Some people may think that by asking the seller to pay the closing costs that this shows that the buyer doesn’t have enough money to make the deal. But that isn’t the case.  It’s a strategy that more and more home buyers are using to help make the deal. It’s called a closing cost credit and is a standard practice allowed by lenders.

Typically, first time home buyers are the ones who ask for a closing cost credit. These buyers may have a VA or FHA loan that requires a down payment of about 3% for FHA and zero down for a VA loan. Usually these buyers don’t have enough cash to pay the closing costs.  In this case, asking the seller to pay for closing costs makes sense.

How does a buyer make this request appealing to the seller? This can be done by offering the seller the full asking price of the home, or perhaps more. So if the asking price of the home is $300,000, then the seller would net $291,000.  Or the buyer can offer 3% over the asking price to make it even more enticing.  So the buyer would offer in this case $309,000.  It’s a win for both sides, as the buyer gets their home without coming up with extra cash, and the seller gets close to the full asking price, or even gets the whole asking price.

Another way to convince the seller to pay closing costs is to offer to buy the house as-is, and that you will pay for any issues after closing. Sellers want a buyer that won’t cause problems during the escrow period. So if you assure them that the escrow will close in time, this may give them more incentive.  Motivated sellers will already be willing to work on the price, so it’s not such a stretch to add in the closing costs.

What if the seller doesn’t want to pay the full closing costs? All is not lost.  You can ask for a bit less and find a way to pay the rest without borrowing more.

Asking the seller to pay your closing costs is not a practice every home buyer should use, but it can certainly help in certain situations, especially if you’re a first time buyer.

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