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Baton Rouge Home Maintenance Tips

by Glenda Daughety & Team

You might feel it best to just call a contractor every time something needs fixing in your home rather than doing it yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to save money, there are simple ways to make your own repairs and maintain items in your home.

Here's a few things in your home that you can take care of yourself:


Here are some things to watch for to keep your pipes clear:

  • Fat buildup is the most common cause for clogged drains. Don't pour fat or oil down your drain. If you do accidentally spill oil or fat down the drain, run hot water along with a good amount of dishwashing fluid. The soap will emulsify the fat or oil and move it on down the pipe, preventing a clog.
  • Use a hair strainer in the bathtub drain. Hair is the primary cause of clogs in the bathroom. Make sure to remove hair after each shower from the strainer.
  • Drano isn't always the best answer to a clogged drain. The acids in this type of product can actually cause damage to your pipes if used too much. Instead, first try a drain snake and pull the clog to the surface. If the kitchen sink is clogged, try plunging it before trying to snake the drain. If you cannot remove the clog using a drain snake, call a professional.


If you think your toilet is leaking, you can add red water to the tank. Check the bowl in an hour to see if the water in the bowl is pink. If it is, there's a leak.

A leak is an easy fix. You just need to replace the flapper. To replace the flapper, shut off the water to the toilet, usually located on the wall behind the toilet. Empty the tank by flushing it.

Remove the flush chain from the lever, and then slide the old flapper up off the overflow tube. Slide the new flapper in place over the overflow tube, reconnect the chain. Check to make sure everything is back in place and turn the water supply back on.


Faucets generally leak because of worn out washers in the handles, as they're made of rubber and wear out in time. To replace them, shut off the main water supply, unscrew the leaky handle, and replace the washer.

Air Conditioning

Its easy to forget about the air conditioner. But they can be costly to repair when they do Break down.

Regularly inspect the condensation hose to make sure that the water can flow freely from the line. If there is standing water around where your condensation line drains, create a drainage path using a small garden trowel and line the path with gravel to keep mold and algae from forming.

Also be sure the screen around your air conditioner is free of debris to keep the air moving freely. Also be sure to replace filters every few months.

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Keep Your Appliances Running Like New

by Glenda Daughety & Team

It's something we all fear. The washing machine breaks during a cycle and floods the laundry room. The fridge shuts off and threatens to spoil all the groceries. The oven stops just before a big meal.

But you can avoid these disasters with a little love and care. And best of all, you don't need to hire a handyman. You can do these tasks on your own. Here's a few DIY tips that can keep your home appliances in great shape and save money on major repairs or new appliances.

1. Check Your Oven's Door Seal

Your oven can lose more than 20% of it's hear o the door isn't sealed properly, making it take longer to cook food. Open the door and check the rubber or fiberglass gasket that goes around the edge of the door. If you feel any deformed, torn, or broken areas, or if you close the door and find any leaks, replace the seal. 

2. Check Range Filters

Metal filters can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand. Replace charcoal filters (don't wash them.)

3. Clean Stovetop Drip Bowls

Clean the drip bowls underneath your burner elements by pre-soaking them for 5 minutes in cleaning solution. Hand wash them and replace. Try to clean them after spills so they don't get burned in.

4. Clean Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator coils can get clogged with dirt, dust and pet hair. This will restrict airflow and make it harder to keep it cool. Clean the coils once or twice a year with a vacuum. They can either be found behind the kick plate or in the rear.

5. Change Refrigerator Water Filter 

Old water filters can expose your to harmful water. Make sure you change them every 3 - 6 months, depending on how much water you use.

6. Repair Rusty Dish Rack Tines 

Check your dishwasher rack for rusty tines. If you find rust, they can be repaired with a sealant and replacement tips to cover the tines. This will keep your dishes and silverware form being ruined.

7. Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Check your garbage disposal for any stuck items. Make sure the power is off and do not use your hands! Pour a combination of ice cubes and salt, or vinegar down the drain, then run cold water for 10 seconds and turn on the disposal. Never run the disposal without water. You can remove odors with citrus peels, or with odor removal packets sold in stores.

8. Clean Dryer Exhaust

Check for lint in the dryer exhaust by loosening the clamp and pulling the exhaust hose from the back of the dryer. Pull out lint with your hands or gently with a hanger. Vacuum before you attach the hose.

9. Check Washing Machine Hoses

You can prevent your washing machine from flooding by checking hoses for leaks. Check for cracks, leaks, or weak spots. As a rule of thumb, replace hoses every 5 years.

10. Clean AC Filters

Cleaning your AC filter every 2 - 4 weeks will increase your AC's life, as well as maintain efficiency. Vacuum reusable filters, and replace disposable ones.

If you follow these tips, you'll hopefully be able to avoid costly appliance repairs or replacements.

Join us on our blog every week for more great real estate advice, along with articles about the great reasons to buy a home in Baton Rouge. You can also search for your dream home now using our convenient home search tool. And make sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest real estate updates for Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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