Most people imagine moving day as insane with plenty of furniture moving disasters. They most likely imagine damage to a piece of furniture that is special.

Unpleasant as that sounds, the damage could be a lot worse! During a move, you can inflict damage, not only to your furniture, but to the walls,  doorways and carpets of your new home, if you or the movers aren’t careful. But don’t worry – we have some helpful suggestions! Read on for the best ways to avoid damage to both your furniture and your new home during your move.

Protecting Your Furniture

Wrap your furniture in moving blankets, which will prevent nicks and scratches to your furniture (and walls) during your move. Better yet, you can easily stack furniture (like chairs) that are wrapped in blankets on top of one another without worrying about the furniture getting scratched.

You can use sofa covers to protect your furniture, which are fitted exactly to the size of the piece of furniture. Sofa covers, however, do tend to be more expensive than moving blankets.

Dissemble whatever pieces of furniture that you can, and make sure to keep track of the pieces that are needed to put it back together. Smaller items will be easier to move and least likely to scratch walls or door frames.


Carpet film protector – think of it like clear plastic sheeting – is one of your best bet if you want to protect your flooring during a move. Carpet film protector, however, is not cheap, so be sure to check out a few more budget-friendly tips below.

Keep it cheap, and place carpet runners, throw sheets, large pieces of flattened cardboard paper or flattened cardboard boxes along the higher traffic areas of your home. It’ll make protecting your flooring, and post moving clean up, so much easier!

Place felt pads on the bottom of chairs, sofas, and table legs. This way, you’ll still be able to move your furniture around without any extra heavy lifting.

Pro-tip: If it’s raining on moving day, make sure to not pack up your welcome mat! That way, your movers can wipe off their shoes before entering your home (and not dirty up the carpet in the process).


Certain corners in your home will most likely receive higher traffic than others, such as hallways and room doorways – install corner guards to prevent furniture from getting caught on the corners.

Cover the walls with drop cloths to prevent scratches, holes, or dings from other pieces of furniture. You can even stick flattened cardboard to the wall and attach the cardboard with painter’s tape (which won’t peel the paint off the walls).

Door Frames

Best rule to follow: Measure twice, move once! Measure the piece of furniture beforehand to make sure that the doorway is wide enough to fit the piece of furniture that's being moved. Believe us, you’ll prevent a lot of nicks, scrapes, and scratches in the process.

Banisters and Railings

Banisters and railings are commonly in high-traffic areas and are very likely to get bumped or dinged. To help avoid damage, wrap the entire banister in bubble wrap, or even attach flattened cardboard to the top of the banister.

So, there you have it! With a a little bit of extra effort, your move should go more smoothly – and with minimal damage to your furniture and your new home.

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