When it comes to keeping your house looking nice, you certainly don't want to neglect your garden, and fall can be a pretty messy season. There are plenty of things to do when preparing your garden for fall. We have a few tips to get things started.

Preparing Your Perennials

When readying your perennials, don't to cut them down further than 4-6 inches above ground. Also, don't cut them before the first frost, before the plant is dead for winter, so the energy stored up in the plant can flow down into the main part of the plant, where is stays until the spring.

Remove Messy Leaves

Not only will your yard and garden definitely look better without a layer of leaves, but it will help keep your plants happier and safe from rotting and harboring bugs or disease. Make sure to remove all the weeds too, before the ground gets to difficult to work with.

Removing Dead Plants

It is very important to remove plants that are infested with bugs or disease. You don't want these problems festering, and spreading, during the winter. It is not recommended to dump these plants into the compost pile. If you're able, burn them, or bag them for trash.

Leave the Pretty Plants

If you don't want your garden to look completely desolate during winter, leave plants that look pretty and will be stable through the winter as they are. They could also prove to be important to next years critters such as butterflies eggs, early bird nests and other important life.

Putting Down Compost Cover

It is important to keep your ground healthy, and a layer of compost is the best way to ensure your plants can be healthy and that your garden stays looking nice. Putting down a layer of compost from 1-6 inches will help replenish the ground with required nutrients for your plants. A good choice for compost is something with a good balance of green and brown matter or composted manure.

With these tips in mind enjoy your time in the garden!

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