Winter can be an expensive season. During long winter months your energy bill can shoots sky high, but there are ways to avoid that monthly dent in your account. We have a few tips.

The Sun Is Free

That big bright thing in the sky is free and is a natural way of warming your home. During the day, open any curtains or blinds in the windows you have facing south to get as much warmth as possible. Then close everything back up once the sun starts lower on the horizon.

Bundle Up!

This is a super easy way to keep warm. You can wear those fuzzy, warm socks you got on sale over summer, or those nice new house slippers with the comfy insoles. Now get out those sweaters you stored away during the warm season, and don't forget those soft throw blankets, they'll add a comfortable layer of warmth as well.

Don't Heat That Room! 

If you have a room or two you're not using, like a guest room, don't turn on the heat, or close off the vents to direct the heat flow to the parts of the home you're using. Also, if you're using oil heaters, only use them in rooms you need them in. Another thing is to keep your furnace well maintained so it stays clean and unblocked. These will help a lot in lowering your bill.

Adjusting the Temperature at Night

By adjusting you thermostat at night to a lower temperature, while your all curled up in bed, you can keep from losing warm air in the home. Which means less power loss.

With these things in mind, stay warm this winter with these tips to keep that pesky power bill manageable.

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