Home Staging for Your Baton Rouge Home

Home Staging for Your Baton Rouge Home

All the World's a Stage

When Shakespeare penned his famous line, we doubt he was thinking of real estate. For Shakespeare, “staging” was all about conveying a dramatic setting and creating a lingering impression; in the world of home-selling the concept is really not too far from the Bard’s idea. When you “stage” a home before selling it, you are most certainly aiming to create a positive, lingering impression in the minds of potential buyers. In fact, this impression can make all the difference between a sale and a home that continues to sit on the market.

There is an art to real estate home staging, just as there is in creating the scenes for a play. You have essentially two vital dynamics at work to give your prospective home buyers a strong, positive impression of your home: the tangible and intangible elements.

Simply put, tangible elements are those you can physically touch, like furniture, carpet and wall coverings. Intangible elements are those without a physical, touchable composition. It’s the feeling people subconsciously get when they walk into your home and into its individual rooms, its special ambiance and atmosphere.

The Glenda Daughety Team in Baton Rouge is staffed by experienced real estate professionals who specialize in interior decorating and home staging. If you are selling a home, this counts because as the reliable old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Dramatis Personae

If you are going to single out a “star” in your home staging performance, you might choose cleanliness. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Taken in the general sense, cleanliness is one tangible quality over which you have total control, and it’s one feature pretty much every potential homebuyer will mentally use to evaluate your home. It can be as simple as keeping your yard attractively groomed, your carpet vacuumed, and floors clean and clear of clutter or pet toys.

Prospective buyers will probably also expect you to have performed other basic household preparation basics, such as clearing the debris off your roof, making simple repairs to items like doors, windows and light fixtures, cleaning your garage, closets and gutters, and applying a fresh coat of paint inside and outside where it’s needed.

For some other actors performing in your home staging production, whether you realize it or not, check out 25 Ways to Stage Your Home from The Glenda Daughety Team.

Why Should I Bother with Home Staging?

The actual act of staging your home begins after you’ve finished all of the aforementioned cleaning and making minor repairs. Those are what geometry teachers call, “a given.” Staging is the deliberate and purposeful layout and design of the rooms in you house in order to maximize its potential to be universally attractive. It is one of the best things you can do to improve your chances of quickly selling your home.

There is, however, one difficult but crucial decision you need to make at this point. Do you hire a professional home stager or just do it yourself? Or is there a third, perhaps even better, option available to you?

A professional home stager is likely to charge you anywhere from $500 to $5,000, if not more, depending on the size of your home and number of rooms. The plus side is that with a pro, you get his or her trained and educated eye for creating aesthetically pleasing living spaces that can make your home deceptively larger, warmer and brighter. He or she make their money and earn new clients by noticing things you wouldn’t notice and arranging items in a creative way that, once again, probably wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

The obvious advantage to doing your own home staging is that - even if you have to fork over some cash for carpet shampoo, lawn fertilizer, furniture repair or restoration (or replacement), and other home improvement items, it’ll likely be cheaper than hiring a professional. The downside here is that you might fall into the trap of making the house look, smell and feel great to you and your personal tastes, rather than preparing it to look, smell and feel great to as many people as possible.

The smartest choice is a smooth blending of both hiring a professional and doing it yourself. You get this with the Glenda Daughety Team in Baton Rouge. They are staffed with experienced real estate professionals who specialize in interior decorating and home staging. Staging is a valuable part of the package you receive when Glenda’s team is hired to sell your home. So before you put your home on the market, are you really ready for you audience to arrive?

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